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Jowari Bhakri

March 21, 2010


Jowari also known as millet has an amazing nutrition value and since it has no gluten, it is great for people with diabetes. Love Bhakris and find it too hard to make it yourself? Well this is a great method to make it without a mess. Enjoy!

Serves : 2

You will need:
1 measure jowari atta/flour
1 measure water
Salt to taste

1. In a deep pan/wok boil 1 measure of water and add salt.
2. Lower the flame/heat and start adding the jowari atta/flour.
3. Now starts the process of preparing the dough.
4. Keep stirring as you add the atta/flour to avoid lumps.
5. If the dough gets too sticky you can add some dry jowari atta/flour.
6. The consistency of the dough should be firm enough to form a ball, which makes it easy to roll using a rolling pin.
7. Let the mixture cool a bit otherwise you will burn your hands.
8. Divide the dough into 4 balls and roll it flat and round about 6 inches in diameter.
9. You may need some dry jowari atta/flour for dusting while rolling.
10. The edges should be little thin and in the middle little thick.
11. Put the rolled dough on the tava/griddle which has been pre-heated.
12. Turn the dough after a couple of seconds so that it is not fully cooked.
13. The 2nd side should cook for long time.
14. Now put the uncooked side directly on the gas(fire).
15. Now it will start fluffing like a chapati/phulka.
16. But if your bhakri is too thin it will not.
17. You may not get it right in the 1st time but you will then learn how to make the next one.

Enjoy it with any spicy vegetable and some sliced onions on the side.

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